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In this video, SR3 instructors demonstrate the proper use of a tagline during a litter extraction. This is a very effective means to prevent spin, particularly in confined areas. The tagline attendant is positioned on the ground far enough away to create a proper angle, allowing for control of the litter. Angle is critical – […]

SR3 Litter/Tagline Demo

SR3 will be presenting a class on technical hoist operations at APSCON 2019 that you won’t want to miss! The topics will include risk mitigation, night hoisting, high altitude and confined operations along with ship pilot transfers at sea. We have included a little bit for everyone in this class! Follow this link for more […]

Technical Hoist Operations – APSCON 2019

This hoist with spin video has been doing the rounds recently on all the social media platforms. Rather than criticize, here are 5 tips for hoisting a litter: 1) Use a tag line! Not only that, use it properly! Attach it to the very end of the litter and use a weak link with quick […]

Mitigating litter spin