Over the years there have been many accidents in the Search and Rescue, Public Safety and EMS communities that can be attributed to a lack of knowledge or current safety procedures. Several of these accidents tragically resulted in loss of life and could have possibly been avoided.

At SR3, we strongly believe “you don’t know what you don’t know”. This simple phrase captures the dangers of operating without truly keeping abreast of the latest trends in safety and industry best practices.

The SR3 staff is comprised of highly experienced members with backgrounds in both aviation and search and rescue operations. Our safety audit program offers a third-party review, fact based and unbiased, to ensure any operation is functioning as safe and efficiently as possible. With experience you can trust, we are dedicated to providing recommendations that will reduce risk and work towards achieving the goal of zero accidents within our industry.

Our team of instructors brings first hand practical knowledge and experience working in various types of terrain with backgrounds in mountain rescue, rope access, climbing, as medical providers and helicopter operations.

safety audits